Weight Loss

Weight Loss, Alevere Therapy at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

How fast can I expect to lose my excess weight?

Weight loss varies from person to person depending on weight, sex and metabolism. Some Alevere Therapy clients can expect to lose between 5 and 10 kg of weight loss per month, although some larger clients, and men, achieve faster weight loss. Your individual expected rate of weight loss will be calculated by a doctor, during your initial consultation.


How often do I need to visit Ziba clinics Liverpool?

You'll visit the clinic once a week for around an hour of treatment by your therapist. At the same you'll choose your meals to take away with you.


Is this weight loss plan similar to others?

No. Alevere therapy was created and developed by medical researchers and practitioners, based on human physiological processes of weight-gain–and the treatment of it. Unlike other weight loss programmes, Alevere Therapy differentiates between two groups of fat tissues:

  1. Soft fat tissues which can be controlled through appropriately supervised dieting (our meals) authorised by our doctor.

  2. Trapped fat tissues around the abdomen, hip and the thighs. Unlike soft fat tissues, these don't respond to exercise and diet as easily. We treat these on a weekly basis using Ultrasound technology followed by Endemologie treatment, to firm and contour the body once the fat layer is released.

Your weekly attendance for treatment, in itself, also works to subliminally influence your attitude and behaviour towards choice of food and eating habits. 


Do you prescribe medication for weight loss?

No, we don't. We don't believe that any weight loss medication, currently on the market, is effective or safe.


How will I be medically supervised?

One of our medical doctors will see you for a full assessment and consultation, before starting your treatment. Then, you'll see them on a monthly basis for blood tests and ongoing assessment. Your therapist, on your weekly visit, will also monitor your progress and will consult our doctor should there be any health issues or concerns. 


Will I regain weight after treatment?

This is prevented in several ways. Firstly, the treatment is designed so that your metabolic rate is not suppressed during the weight loss. Dieting and reducing food intake often reduces metabolic rate–your body shuts metabolism down as a survival mechanism. This makes weight regain after dieting almost inevitable.

The Alevere treatment is designed to avoid this and your metabolic rate is kept stimulated throughout your weight loss. You'll be phased off the treatment gradually, to stabilise your weight and to prevent weight regain. Your metabolic rate is then accurately measured, followed by a detailed consultation with our doctor, ensuring you have the information you need, to keep your weight stable in the future. We offer monthly follow-ups to monitor your progress and ensure you aren't having any problems maintaining your new weight and body shape.


Can I exercise instead of having weekly treatments at Ziba clinics Liverpool?

Exercise will tone up your muscles but will have less effect on layers of trapped fat on the abdominal areas, hip and thighs. At each weekly treatment at Ziba Clinics Liverpool, you'll receive Ultrasound treatment to target these areas, followed by Endemologie therapy, to firm and contour the body, once the layer of fat is released.


Diet Plan

Nutrition, Alevere Therapy at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Will I feel hungry whilst on the Alevere Therapy plan?

Dieting, in general, often results in low blood sugar levels, which can lead to feeling hungry and having low energy levels. With Alevere Therapy it's different–nutritionists have formulated meals and meal replacements which don't result in lower blood sugar, energy levels or hunger. Alevere Therapy works to combat the excess fat on the body, whilst still providing the nutrition to ensure your body thrives. 


Tell me about the dietry supplements you use?

Our supplements are formulated from natural ingredients such as soya and milk protein sources.


What if I'm lactose intolerant?

We have 39 foods to chose from, all but 5 ready made drinks are lactose free–there's plenty of choice. Make sure you let us know, so that we can guide you away from those that you should avoid.


What if I'm Vegetarian?

You're in luck, there's plenty of choice–32 of the 39 foods are suitable for vegetarians!


Health Issues

Doctor Consultation, Alevere Therapy at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

What if I'm Diabetic?

We've been successful in the weight loss treatment of diabetic clients. Often, on completion of the programme, symptoms have subsided.


What if I have high blood pressure oR high cholesterol levels? 

We often see considerable lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels following the treatment.


I have a number of medical conditions, can I still do the Alevere Therapy pLan?

Our weight loss therapy is a medically supervised programme and our doctors can adjust the plan to meet individual needs. Your medical needs will be assessed during your initial consultation with the doctor.




How should I pay?

The initial consultation fee is the only payment you make in advance, in order to secure your appointment with our doctor. All other fees and cost are ‘pay as you go’, as you attend the clinic on a weekly basis. There is no obligation to continue with your treatment and you can withdraw at any time, although we advise that you stay with the treatment to achieve your weight loss target. Payments can be by card, cheque or cash. We also have finance packages in place if needed.


How much Does it cost?

The cost is variable depending upon the number of treatments you have, how much weight you have to lose and the rate at which our doctor calculates you will lose it. Please contact Ziba Clinics Liverpool to discuss your weight loss–we'll give you an individual estimate of cost without any obligation.