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Weight Loss Plan


“As the weight fell off, our family and friends started noticing the difference and commented that we look amazing as a couple and when someone who hasn’t seen you for a while says “wow” it means a lot.”

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Step One

Alevere Therapy

Weight Loss

Doctor Consultation

The doctor led consultation includes a range of tests to establish your basal metabolic rate and to determine any nutrient deficiencies via blood tests. Deficiencies will be treated alongside the weight loss and diet plan. The doctor will discuss your personal weight loss target, to create an individual weight loss plan that works for you.

On completion of your consultation and evaluation of test results, your Alevere weight loss plan can begin. The number of treatment sessions required is determined by your weight loss target and the speed at which the process works with your body. 

Our doctors will monitor your progress as you transition through the weight loss plan.



Doctors Consultation Fee £90.00
Initial Full Series of Blood Tests £99.50
Alevere Therapy Starter Pack £75.00
(Body Composition Test, Recipe Book, Food Shaker & Treatment Garment)

“Alevere is by far is the best thing I have accomplished. My life and who I am are so different from a year ago. I have created the life I love. Truely, The best decision I ever made.”

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Step Two

Alevere Therapy

Ultrasound weight loss

Med Contour Technology

Your weekly session will begin with a Med Contour ultrasound, weight loss treatment. This is very similar to the ultrasound technology used in hospitals to break up kidney stones, the difference being, ultrasound weight loss treatment specifically targets, and breaks down, subcutaneous fat cells–the stubborn fat just below the surface of the skin, which is difficult to shift through conventional dieting and exercise. 

Fat cells are destroyed and removed with other toxins via improved lymphatic drainage. As a result of the reduction of fat cells, the body shape becomes more contoured–slimmer.



Weekly Treatment (step 2 & 3 treatments combined total) £125.00
A second treatment in the same week is optional–for people who want to speed up the weight loss. The cost for a second session is currently 50% off!

“The weight just seemed to fall off, it was amazing. I first started losing weight very quickly but my body shape didn’t seem to be keeping up, then it was like an overnight transformation, my clothes started to feel too big and people started to notice too, you don’t get any more motivational than that.”

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 Step Three

Alevere Therapy

Body Contouring


The ultrasound weight loss treatment is immediately followed by a body contouring treatment–a non surgical treatment which contours and sculpts the body.

The Endemologie® LPG treatment sculpts and contours the body, giving it a more toned appearance. What’s more, it also helps to reduce circumferential body measurements–that means your body will become more toned and slimmer.


Weekly Treatment (step 2 & 3 treatments combined total) £125.00
A second treatment in the same week is optional–for people who want to speed up the weight loss. The cost for a second session is currently 50% off!


FDA Approval

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Endermologie® is Approved to:

  • reduce cellulite

  • reduce circumferential body measurements

  • improve local blood circulation

  • relieve DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

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“I decided to do the diet when I struggled to lose the weight myself. The plan is so easy to follow and the treatments are amazing. I lost the weight quickly and that kept me motivated. Now I have reached my ideal weight I have bags more energy and everyone tells me how much younger I look. I can’t believe how much happier and confident I am.”

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Step Four


Weight Loss

Diet Plan

Plentiful food–no crash diet required.

Part of the weight loss plan involves following a diet plan. This starts off as a daily requirement, but reduces as you progress through the weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Recipes

The diet plan includes a large variety of vegetables, most of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. With these, you'll be able to create many dishes easily–we'll provide you with guidance and weight loss recipes.

 The diet plan includes a regular intake of natural, purified proteins and amino acids, to ensure that your daily protein intake remains optimal as you transition through the weight loss plan.



Vitamin Supplements £81

Food Supplements (£20 each)
Food supplement requirement reduces as you progress through the programme.

Stage 1 weekly investment £100
Stage 2 weekly investment £80
Stage 3 weekly investment £60
Stabilisation Stage 1 weekly investment £40
Stabilisation Stages 2 & 3 weekly investment £20


“I expected to be hungry a lot of the time, but I wasn’t, the protein meals are really satisfying. I feel so much better now I have lost the weight, and I am finding my job easier too.”

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Step Five

Alevere Therapy



You'll look great and feel great once you've reached your weight loss goal, so maintaining your desired healthy weight is essential. We'll make sure we stabilise your body at its new and healthy weight, monitoring your metabolic rate and providing monthly aftercare. Your long-term weight management guidance will include detailed nutritional advice, personalised to suit your individual metabolism.


Your success is our success


“They concentrate on keeping the weight off for the rest of your life so even after you reach your target weight the support continues for a year after. For me this was fundamental as from the beginning I wanted to change my life for the long term & the Alevere program has enabled me to do that.”

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“I’ve tried every diet in the book and this is the only one that has worked for me without having to do drastic exercise.”

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