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“I started the programme in March 2015 and haven’t looked back since. I have lost just over 4 stone in 5 months and have gone from size 18 to 12. My blood pressure and blood sugar is back to normal and I feel amazing”

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A Medically devised and administered

Non Surgical

Weight Loss Plan

Designed for clients who want to lose a lot of weight quickly and safely, without the associated saggy skin. Many of our clients reverse diet-related health issues while on the plan, becoming healthy, happier and more confident.

“Now I feel better in every way. I am more confident, I can wear nice clothes and most-importantly, I am in a lot less pain.”

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Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Based in Knowsley, we’re the only clinic in the area to offer

Alevere Therapy

Our clients come from

Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, North Wales & Greater Manchester



“Out of all the many regimes I have tried I found this one the easiest, the tastiest and the most satisfying. The treatments are fantastic and I’m now the same weight I was when I got married over 20 years ago–but not the same shape! I can’t remember ever being able to wear size 10 skinny jeans!!!”

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What’s Involved in


Weight Loss Plan?


Based on the science of fat processing and storing within the body, Alevere combines two treatments in one session–

Med Contour

Ultrasound Weight Loss



Endemologie® LPG

Body Contouring


The Med Contour ultrasound, weight loss treatment targets and breaks down areas of stubborn fat which are difficult to shift with dieting and exercise alone. Fat cells are destroyed and removed with other toxins via improved lymphatic drainage. As a result of the reduction of fat cells, the body shape becomes more contoured–slimmer.

The Endemologie® LPG treatment sculpts and contours the body, giving it a more toned appearance. What’s more, it also helps to reduce circumferential body measurements–that means your body will become more toned and slimmer.

These are two different technologies working together to reduce fat and contour the body. The result–a lighter, slimmer and more toned body.

Both treatments are applied over the surface of the body in a weekly treatment session.


Weight Loss Diet

The treatments are combined with a diet plan, which packs in the essential nutrients that are needed as your body goes through its transformation.

Healthy Weight Loss

The diet plan steers clear of unhealthy foods and promotes healthy eating for healthy weight loss. Many healthy foods can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

Weight Loss Recipes

Weight loss recipes and meal plans are provided. Many of our clients report positively that the programme has re-educated them on healthy eating, which is essential for healthy weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

There’s a lot to choose from including some tasty treats!

“Completing Alevere has made my life long dream of being slim become a living reality. From day one I found sticking to the program really easy and effortless. The range and variety of food is extensive so you never get bored or hungry and they taste delicious, I particularly enjoyed the desserts and chocolate bars!”

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Invest in your Body


Pay as you go

No need to pay for the weight loss plan upfront, pay for each component week by week.


Initial Costs

Initial Doctors Consultation £90

Initial Blood Tests £99.50

Starter Pack £75
(Body Composition Test, Bodysuit, Food Shaker & Recipe Book)


Weekly Costs

Number of weeks on the plan is determined mainly by metabolic rate. We find with most of our clients, their metabolic rate is faster than they think, amounting to less time on the plan!

Combined Treatment Session £125
A second weekly treatment is optional – currently 50% off!

Diet (reduces throughout plan duration) £100 - £20 per week

“This week I’ve also noticed people smiling at me more than they ever have before; at first I was baffled, why are all these people smiling and noticing me more?

I think it could well be that I am smiling more, rather than hurrying back to my desk to hide away, I’m smiling and chatting more to the people around me and it feels great!”

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Change your life

What to Expect

Look Good–Feel Great

Healthy . Happier . Confident

You'll feel better physically, and you'll be healthier, but even better than that, losing weight usually has a positive effect on mental well-being, so you're likely to feel happier about yourself and gain more confidence. 

Without a doubt, your increased confidence and positivity will have a knock-on effect on the way others perceive you. Our clients often tell us how their lives have changed as a result of our weight loss treatment–we can't wait to hear you share your experience.

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“Alevere truly is the most unique program out there. If I can do it, anyone can do it. So start your journey today and make your dreams come true. I promise you, you won't look back. Wohooo go.”

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weight Loss PlaN

Find out About the Five Steps that Could Change your Life…

“I wanted to look the best I could and be as fit as I could be for my new life, and Alevere helped me achieve that.”

“I still can’t believe that I have achieved what I wanted so quickly, I now feel full of energy and I am a lot more confident.”

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