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For people who want to lose a lot of weight quickly and safely.

Many of our clients reverse diet-related health issues while on the plan.


Medically Supervised Consultation

Medically Supervised

Weight Loss Consultation

Start your weight loss journey with a consultation, where you’ll learn about the weight loss plan and discuss your medical history and weight loss target. We’ll run a series of tests and measurements.

Our team will put all the information together, to create a personalised plan that works for you. Your treatment plan can begin.

Weight Loss Consultation at Ziba Clinics Liverpool
Fast and safe weight loss, up to a stone and a half per month with Ziba Slim at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Up to 1½ Stone a Month

Up to a stone and a half weight loss per month at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Fast and Safe Weight Loss

Many of our clients find they lose a lot of weight quickly–and faster than on any other diet they have tried. With our weight loss plan, weight loss is consistent with most clients losing up to a stone and a half per month, so it’s easy to predict when you’ll reach your weight loss goal.

Your Plan for Weight Loss at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Your Plan

A Diet That Works For You

Food is plentiful with a wide range of sweet and savoury food options–many of our clients find they can eat more than before on their personalised plan.

The diet plan includes a large variety of fruits and vegetables, so you'll be able to create many dishes. We provide guidance, weight loss recipes and a range of quick to prepare ready-made meals to make your weight loss journey easier.

A diet that works for you at Ziba Clinics Liverpool
Weekly combined treatment for weight loss at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Combined Treatment

Combined Treatment for Weight Loss at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Weekly Weight Loss Treatment

Your weekly appointment with one of our therapists combines two treatments in one session.

Both treatments are applied over the surface of the body, working together to break down fat and contour the body. The broken down fat cells are removed, alongside other toxins, through the body’s natural waste removal process.

We target areas of stubborn fat, which are difficult to shift with dieting and exercise alone–for a lighter, slimmer and more toned body.

Keep Weight Loss Off with Ziba Slim at Ziba Clinics Liverpool

Keep Weight Off


Once you’ve reached your weight loss goal, we’ll help you continue to look and feel great, with the final, but most important stage of the weight loss plan–we’ll help you keep the excess weight off.

As your body stabilises at its new and healthy weight, our team will provide you with a personalised, long-term, nutritional plan based on your new metabolic rate, because your success is our success.

Keep weight off with Ziba Slim weight loss plan at Ziba Clinics Liverpool